Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My ad has been blocked or not yet live. Why?

You ad might have been blocked for the following reasons:

  1. You tried to post items like firearms, Human Organs, illegal items, duplicated adverts and or money transactions.
  2. Prices not appropriate price for your advert to be approved. If the price is not relevant, it may be declined.
  3. Drugs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist.


Loty Store requesting for my account details why?

Lotystore will never request for your account sentitive information like your ATM details or 4 digit pin on our website. Please neglect anyone posing as a Staff or Agent asking for your security code. Always protect the password to your site and your bank sensitive information and do not share this information with any third party. If anyone is requesting this information, please kindly contact us immediately


How to Sell or Buy Safely?

Do not share your login details with anyone.

Always inspect an Item Before payment.

Always meet your client in an open place; most preferrably Bank or Police Station.

When a price of an item is too cheap to be true, always ignore it.


Which Category should I choose?

Select the category and sub-category that best describes the item you are selling. Simply describe the item you are selling and click on any other the categories suggested. Alternatively, click on the most relevant category available from the category tree. If you believe your advert doesn‘t fit in any section in the category finder, or if you are unsure which category to choose, then email Lotystore.


What makes a good title for an advert?

The title of your advert should summarise in no more than four words the item you are selling. You want someone to see the title of your advert and be able to tell what it is you are selling, without it being too complicated. Remember: the simpler, the better.

Please note:

Car adverts should start with the make and model of the car (e.g. Ford Fiesta)
Property adverts should start with the name and/or first two digits of post code of the area the property is located (e.g. 3 Bedroom Flat in Ikeja, Lagos)


How do I place an ad?

It's very easy to place an ad: click on the button "SELL NOW" above right.


What does it cost to advertise?

The publication is 100% free throughout the website. Only Promoted products required either Daily or Monthly Fee.


If I post an ad, will I also get more spam e-mails?

Absolutely not because your email address is not visible on the website.


How long will my ad remain on the website?

In general, an ad is automatically deactivated from the website after 1 month. You will receive an email a week before the Day and another on the day of deactivation. You have the ability to put them online in the following month by logging into your account on the site. After this delay, your ad will be automatically removed permanently from the website.


I sold my item. How do I delete my ad?

Once your product is sold or leased, log in to your account to remove your ad.